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Electric Vehicle OSM Rage+ Frost For Farmers

Omega Seiki Mobility


  1. Strong  Vehicle body.
  2. Easy home Charging.
  3. Top speed 45 kmph.
  4.  Clutchless  & Gearless.
  5. No vibration no noise.
  6. colling up to 0°C .     


Rage+ Frost

Outer Dimension   

1660 Mm X 1474 Mm X 1400 Mm                      

Inner Dimension    

1560 Mm X 1374 Mm X 1300 Mm

Inner Volume         

100 CFT

External Skin         

GRP Sheet 1.5 MM

Internal Skin           

GRP Sheet 1.5 MM


50 Mm Puf, In - House Produced Using Dow Polyol And Iso


40+/-2 Kgm-3, With Fr Grade Puf

Sub Frame             

 Galvanized Iron Profile 2 Mm Structure


Aluminium Profile 2 Mm


  80 Km/Charge

Vehicle Warranty     

3 Years Or 80,000 Kms (Whichever Is Earlier)

Loading Capacity       

Up To 400 Kg

Door Inner Skin         

Grp Sheet

Door Outer Skin        

Grp Sheet With Plywood

Door Seal                     

J Rubber Epdm Composite Sealing

Door Hinges              

SS Hinges


SS Locking Set Mechanism


 Sandwich Flooring, 2mm Grp Reinforced, 50 Mm Puf With Gi  Omega Structure, Layered With 4 Mm Thick Waterproo Marine  Grade Plywood With Anti-Skid Grp Pasted On Plywood .

Floor Finish               

Aluminium Checkered Sheet Width-200 .X1.2mm Qty. 03 Nos

Sidewall, Front Wall, Roof         

3 Layer Panel, Grp Sheet 1.5 Mm+ 50 Mm Puf+ Grp Sheet 1.5 Mm


The Insulated Body Will Have A One-Piece Frp Shell - Fitted With   J Rubber Gas  Kit And Ss Lockset  And  Hinges 270 Degree Opening.

Base Frame                 

3 Mm Ms Z, Section Frame Is Integrated With Chassis Using Gi Forks And U   Bolts/Brackets.



Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Private Limited

Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Mobility

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