Profex Super Insecticides (Profenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC)

Nagarjuna (NACL)

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Product Specifications :-

  • Profex Super is a combination product for the control of bollworm complex.
  • It has strong contact, stomach and ovicidal action.
  • It is having excellent translaminar action, when sprayed on the upper surface of leaf, it immediately percolates down to lower surface of the leaf.
  • It is absorbed readily in plant cells thus not affected by rainfall.

Dosage :-

Crop Common Name of Pest Dosage / Acre
    Formulation (ml) Dilution in water (ltrs)
Cotton Boll worms complex 400-600 200-400


Nagarjuna (NACL)

Nagarjuna (NACL)

Nagarjuna (NACL)

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