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Silver Crop Meerasil Plant Growth Regulator

Silver Crop


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Product Description:-

  • Meerasil is a growth booster that acts upon household plants and shrubs, boosting the plant and regulating its growth.
  • It can be applied by mixing 2.5 ml with 1 liter of water and treated by spraying your plants.
  • It is a Plant Growth Regulator that helps to increase the rate of photosynthesis which leads to the plant growth and quality of the produce.
  • For larger garden and farm areas, Meerasil can be applied through drip irrigation to ensure a steady flow of minerals and vitamins to your plant's growth.

Chemical composition: -Triacontanol 0.1% EW

Method of application:- Spray

Spectrum:- For increasing the yield of grains, the dry matter content, height of plants, earlier and stronger tillering, longer and better spread of roots, and uniform and early maturity in crops

Compatibility:- Compatible with a sticking agent

Duration of effect:- 30 days

Frequency of application:- 1 time

Applicable crops:- Cotton, Tomato, Chilli, Rice, Groundnut, Potato

Dosage - 25 to 30 ml per pump (15 ltr), 250 -300 ml per acre

Silver Crop

Silver Crop

Silver Crop

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