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Bahubali Smart Napier Sticks

Saividisha seeds & Agro Products


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  • It grows to a height of about 5-7 feet, with more canes and less leaves.
  • No need to grind 0% waste.
  • Abundant nutritious green fodder with 15-20% protein for 7 to 8 years. More harvest Pest and disease free
  • When and how to plant : - You should plant Bahubali grass between June to October and January to March.
  • Bene for planting: - For planting, one goontha requires 150 stalks and an acre requires 6000 stalks. It should be planted at a spacing of 3x3. during planting. S.S.P. Use powder. Also the sticks should be dipped in the germinator.
  • Fertilizer and water planning for planting: - Before planting, cultivate the field well and apply well decomposed manure 4-5 trailer manure per acre.
  • Water planning: - Sari should be irrigated before planting. The second watering should be done on the second or third day of planting followed by watering as per the requirement of the soil.


Saividisha seeds & Agro Products

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Saividisha seeds & Agro Products

Saividisha seeds & Agro Products

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