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Dr.Bactos Vertigo - Bio Insecticide

Anand Agro Care


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Product Specifications :-

  • Dr.Bacto's Vertigo is an eco friendly biological Insecticide based Verticillium lecanii on highly effective in control of .
  • The spores of this fungus when camas in contact with cuticle of target insects, it germinate and grow directly through cuticle to the inner body of their host.
  • Darning the nutrients of insect, eventfully results in killing of insect.

Mode of Action :-

  • Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips and Mealy bug and other sucking pest.

Benefits :-

  • Vertigo is effectively controls most of the soft bodies sucking insect like Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips and Mealy bug.
  • Vertigo produces toxins like bassianolide and dipicolinic acid, helps to increase productivity by improving the crop health through containing the pests.
  • Vertigo is eco-friendly and helps to maintain the ecological balance.
  • Harmless and Eco-friendly low cost agro-input.
  • Higher Shelf-life.
  • Higher and perfect bacterial count.
  • Allowed Organic Input by NOCA as Per NPOP standards of govt. Of India.


  • Soil Application: 2 liter per Acre
  • Foliar Spray: 2.5ml/ Liter

Anand Agro Care

Anand Agro Care , Nashik, Maharashtra 422003

Anand Agro Care

Anand Agro Care

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