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FB-Madhurak F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds

Farmson Biotech

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Product Specifications :-

  • Vigorous plant growth with Oblong shape.
  • Deep green with bold green stripes in color, 10 to 14 Kg fruit weight with Red flesh color.
  • Sugar content is >12%, Maturity 70-80 days After showing.
  • 21 to 34 ˚C is best growing Temperature, strong resistance to wilt and anthracnose, high yield variety and good for long transportation.
  • Tolerant to repeated planting, uniform ripening and hard skin, good for growing in open field.


  1. Plant Type :

Vigorous Plant Growth

  1. Fruit Skin Color:  

Deep Green With Bold Green Stripes

  1. Fruit Weight:

10-14 Kg

  1. Fruit Flesh Color:


  1. Fruit Shape:


  1. Fruit Texture :


  1. TTS :

>12 %

  1. Days To First Harvest :

70-80 Days

  1. Temperature :

21 To 34 ˚C Is Best Growing Temperature

  1. Disease Tolerance:

Strong Resistance To Wilt And Anthracnose

  1. Other:

High Yield Variety And Good For Long Transportation, Tolerant To Repeated Planting, Uniform Ripening And Hard Skin, Good For Growing In Open Field

  1. Category :

Fruit Seeds

  1. Seed Rate:

3.5Kg Per Hectare

Farmson Biotech

Farmson Biotech Pvt Ltd

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Farmson Biotech

Farmson Biotech

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