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Hadaga seed

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  • Hadaga is a perennial fodder crop with good nutritional value of dicotyledonous species giving year round vegetation.
  • Estimated Nutritional Value of Green Area in Hadaga Protein 18.43, Fat 3.38, Fiber 34.30, Carbohydrate 46.45.
  • Perennial 10 years More cuts Pest and disease free Hadaga (Sesbania grandiflora) is a tree.
  • The clan Fabaceae is also known as Agastya or Agusta.
  • The growth of this tree is instantaneous.
  • The plant has white, yellowish white or reddish flowers.

Cultivation method: -


  • They can be planted on or near the embankment. Also, if fodder is to be planted on vacant land, it can be planted densely with a spacing of 4-6 feet between two rows.

Water planning: -

  • Initially water should be given after 10 to 12 days, during monsoon and after the end of monsoon there is no need to give water for 1 month. Once the tree grows, water it after 8-10 days as required.

Harvesting: -

  • With proper feeding and watering, plants grow 8-10 feet in 2-3 months for the first harvest. Then place a 3 foot bundha at the bottom and cut off all the upper parts. After that, a large number of branches come to that bud. After 20-25 days, large branches should be removed for fodder.

Saividisha seeds & Agro Products

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Saividisha seeds & Agro Products

Saividisha seeds & Agro Products

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