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Kala Namak Kiran Paddy

PRDF Seeds


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Product Specification:-

Crop duration            -     135-145 days

Seed rate                    -      10 - 12 kg/acre

Plant height                -      90- 100 cm

Number of Tillers       -     15-20

Sowing season          -     Kharif

Sowing method          -    Transplanting

Sowing spacing         -     20 cm x 15 cm

Yield                            -       20-24 q/acre   (10-15% higher yield than other conventional varieties)

Grain type                   -       Medium slender Grain (Non-Basmati type)

Tolerant                      -       Major disease & Pest


  • Extremely effective in rainfed conditions.
  • Stress tolerant.
  • The hybrid has Medium bold grains, and higher grain weight gives the highest yield in the segment.
  • It is very consistent under stress conditions. Suitable for dense populations (40-42 plants/sqm).
  • High yield variety and tolerant to drought conditions.

PRDF Seeds

3F, Shivpur-Shahbazganj, P.O, Jungle Salikram, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh 273014
PRDF Seeds

PRDF Seeds

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