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Makshikari Integrated Kit Control

Patil Biotech

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For the control of fruit flies, Makshikari is a scent loop, which changes the male-female ratio of fruit flies. This makes control of higher quality and longer duration possible. When you place eight fly traps in an acre of land, the male fruit fly gets attracted to them and is killed. After this the female fly goes somewhere else in search of the male fly. In this way we are saved from the sting of the fruit fly. Add 3 to 5 ml of mosquito repellent liquid in each loop.

Recommendation: Mango, guava, orange, custard apple, papaya, watermelon, melon, gourd, cucumber, cucumber, tinda, bitter gourd etc. There is no need for any kind of spraying in the crop, hence this production is popular.

Dosage: 3 to 5 ml per loop



Patil Biotech

Patil Biotech

Patil Biotech

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