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Vitsil Wetting Agent

Silver Crop

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Product Specification:-

Vitsil is a highly effective wetting agent, which increases the efficiency of your pesticide application through enhanced spreading and sticking activity.

Features - 

  • Vitsil binds herbicides to plants after spraying as a surfactant.
  • Vitsil penetrates the waxy coating of leaves on tough plants.
  • Vitsil provides better coverage without an excessive runoff.
  • Vitsil improves the penetration of pesticides into plant tissue.
  • Vitsil makes the spray droplets more uniform to improve coverage.

Dosage - 

  • Mix the required quantity of pesticide in water and stir well.
  • To this solution, add 0.5 ml - 1.0 ml per ltr of water.
  • Mix the solution thoroughly and pour it into the spray tank and spray

Silver Crop

Silver Crop

Silver Crop

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