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Instacheal Cu 12 %

Anand Agro Care

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Product Specifications :-

  • EDTA Chelated Cu 12%

Mode of Action :-

  • Cheated Micro Nutrient Fertilizers are important for physiological & biochemical processes of the plants. Due to Copper deficiency results in discolouration and bleaching of leaves, which results in stunted growth and small leaves and splitting and dropping of fruit.

Benefits :-

  • Copper is involved in several enzyme systems and cannot be replaced by any other metal ion.
  • It is involved in cell wall formation which in turn affects lignifications and the physical strengh of shoots and stems.
  • It increases the chlorophyll content for green healthy leaves and also prevents leaves from chlorosis and spiraling.


  • 0.5 - 1 gm per Liter water

Anand Agro Care

Anand Agro Care , Nashik, Maharashtra 422003

Anand Agro Care

Anand Agro Care

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