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Instacheal Fe 12 %

Anand Agro Care

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Product Specifications :-

  • EDTA Chelated Ferrour 12%

Mode of Action :-

  • Cheated Micro Nutrient Fertilizers are important for physiological & biochemical processes of the plants. Ferrous deficient leaves show interveinal chlorosis and with the leaf appears to be yellowish. In severe deficiency leaves turn whitish, while veins remain green.

Benefits :-

  •  Iron catalyzes the production of chlorophyll.
  •  Iron is also helpful in absorption of other minerals.
  •  Iron is required in proper functioning of symbiotic Nitrogen fixing Microorganisms.



  • 0.5 - 1 gm per Liter water

Anand Agro Care

Anand Agro Care , Nashik, Maharashtra 422003

Anand Agro Care

Anand Agro Care

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