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PerfoSil Bio Plant Immunity and Yield Booster

AGREO Solutions

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Product Specification :-

  • Containing Ortho-silicic acid (OSA), crop immunity and yield booster. Silicon is a very "beneficial ingredient" for crops. Adequate supply of silicon in the form of ortho-silicic acid in the crop naturally enhances the immunity of the crop and helps in preventing fungal and bacterial diseases as well as pests. It helps the crops to withstand the stresses created by the environment. Silicon naturally enhances the quality of agricultural produce and yield.

Benifits :- 

  • Perfosil is in the form of 3% Bio Available Stabilized Silica,
  • Available in 99% monomeric silicon form,
  • Ecocert certified, eco-friendly and easy to use,
  • Strengthens crops to protect against diseases and pests,
  • Increases uptake of Potassium, Phosphorus and Calcium among other beneficial elements,
  • Balances the uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil,
  • Protects crops against Biotic and Abiotic Stress,
  •  Reduces the side effects of cadmium, zinc, aluminium, arsenic, iron etc. in the soil.
  • Helps to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Dosage :- 

  •  Foliar Spray: 2 ml per litre of water.
  •  Drip: 500 ml per 200 litres of water.

AGREO Solutions

AGREO Solutions
Worli, Mumbai 400 030, India

AGREO Solutions

AGREO Solutions

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