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Portulaca Mix Flower Seeds

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  • Portulaca flowers come with a beautiful mix of colors like pink, yellow, orange, deep lavender, cream, and white.
  • They not only attract butterflies but are eye-catchers standing around stones and garden paths.
  • They are also known as Portulaca grandiflora/Sun rose or moss rose an annual plant.
  • Portulaca best grow in full sun. Sow the seeds indoor early summer (6-8 weeks before) as they are warm weather plants but grows in partial shade too.
  • You can use a seedling tray or directly sow the hybrid portulaca seeds in pots/land filled in with well-drained soil, compost and fertilizer.
  • Just got to scatter the seeds of depth 1/4 and cover a layer of soil .Water the soil beds making it moist not wet helping it to germinate, expose them to full sunlight.
  • Basically, they germinate in 60-65 degrees temperature.Once the plant reaches 2-3 inches (approximately 10-15 days), if you have used seedling trays/small pots transplant them to land (garden)/huger containers/pots.
  • While transplanting make sure you don’t damage the plant. They best grow when you space them 6 inches apart as they spread. Flowers bloom in early summer, fall, late summer, and summer.


Advance Seeds

Advance Seeds

Advance Seeds

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