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Army Insecticide



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Product Description:
Techinical Name -
 Fipronil 0.3 % GR

  • Fipronil has both contact and ingestion activity, but is particularly effective by way of ingestion.
  • An intermediate response, such as cessation of feeding, may be noted soon after treatment. 
  • The site of action of Fipronil sets it apart from most commercial insecticides. 
  • A new generation insecticide belonging to new family of Phenyl Pyrazole Recent is an ideal choice for IPM 
  • Recent application has shown demonstrable Plant Growth Enhancement (PGE) effect in many crops 

Key Benefits of Army:

  • Easy to use as broadcast on standing crop.  
  • Great product for Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 
  • Plant Growth Enhancement (PGE) effect occurs in many crops. 

Recommendations for Use

  • While Recent 0.3 GR can be used at any stage of the crop, in order to derive the maximum benefits it should be used earliest possible when the pest is at the early instar stage:
  • Rice  -   6.67-10.0 Kg/acre
  • Sugarcane - 10.0-13.0 Kg/acre
  • Wheat -  8.0 Kg/acre

Frequency of Application: Repeat the need-based application.


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