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Bestpro Growth Promoter

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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Product Specifications :-

  • Bestpro is a 100% organic flowering stimulant that reduces flower and fruit drop and helps in uniform growth of fruits.
  • BESTPRO (helps plants in flowering and fruiting) Bestpro is an innovative product that helps plants in flowering and fruiting stage of the plants. Many a times, flower comes but falls off or fruit starts developing and falls of or doesn’t grow properly.
  • This product helps plants cope with such problems and helps in development of flowers & fruits.

Dosage: -

  • 3 ml/Ltr of water


  • Foliar Spray. 10-15 days before and after flowering stage, covering upper and ground facing surfaces. It is strongly suggested to add spreader/sticker so that product doesn’t roll off with water droplets. Take fine spray.

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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