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Bio M Power

Grace bio-care pvt.lit


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  • BIO-M-POWER is a product based on Advanced Bio-Technology research containing highly specialized Bio-derivatives in the appropriate scientific concentration which gives the excellent action for pest management in all the agricultural crops.
  • Use of BIO-M-POWER will lead to kill all hazardous MITES as well as control insect-pest like, Thrips & White fly effectively.
  • It also controls other pests like Aphids, Jassides, Leafmminer, & other such hazardous sucking insects which damages all agricultural crops.
  • Use of BIO-M-POWER will lead to make plant internally of such type so that re-attack of pests gets delayed for longer time.

DOSAGE -     100ml per acre.  ( 10ml per 15 litre )

Grace bio-care pvt.lit

 Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat 390008

Grace bio-care pvt.lit

Grace bio-care pvt.lit

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