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Srishti 5272 Sunflower Seeds

Sun Flower Seeds


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Product Specification:-

  • Plant Type :-Plants are medium tall, Robust growth
  • Soil :-Versatile hybrid (Suitable for all type of soils & Agro climatic conditions)
  • Flower:-Head Medium, Convex, Semi erect, uniform, and Completely filled up to the centre seed setting very attractive & good eye appeal.
  • Flower Size :-25-30 Cm Diameter 700 to 800 gram Mature flower weight
  • Oil Percentage :-42-43% oil content
  • Days To Harvest :-Widely adopted, medium duration 95- 105 days
  • Yield :-Good yield potential. Uniform maturity
  • Other-Highest volume of Single hybrid being sold in the market
  • Category :-Vegetable Seeds
  • Seed Rate:-5-6 Kg Per Hectare
  • Seed Count:-14 to 18 Seeds Per Gram
  • Spacing-30 — 45 Cm
  • Suitable Region/season:-Round The Year

Sun Flower Seeds

Sun Flower Seeds

Sun Flower Seeds

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