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Biosil Growth Promoter

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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Product Specifications :-

  • Biosil is 100% organic product that provides essential silica and zinc that improves plat immunity and helps in overall growth stages of plant.
  • It helps by making available silica and zinc trapped in soil by releasing them with their metabolites over time.
  • Because of this plant get better immunity and tolerance due to increased availability of zinc and silica.
  • These elements also help in growth in some plants like rice saplings. When sprayed on rice 5-7 days after planting, it increases the growth rate of rice crop. This can be given to all vegetable crops and plantation crop like sugarcane etc.

Dosage :-



  • To be added at 3 ml/Ltr of water - given as foliar spray at interval of 8-10 days.
  • Use sticker/spreader for better sticking to plant parts. Preferably spray on crop / soil in early morning or late evening. If one comes in contact with product, wash with plenty of water, Some irritation may be there. Consult Dr if it persists.


Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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