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MACS-1188 Soyabean Seeds

Mandvi Seeds

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  • Seed rate -  22-25 kg per acre.
  • Crop Duration - 105 - 110 days
  • Yield -  12 to 14 qntl/acre


  • Large grain and good yielding variety with white flowers, pod hairless, large cap seeds.
  • Late harvest damage due to bean cracking is not because the beans are resistant after ripening.
  • Due to the thick trunk of the tree, the crop does not roll on the ground. Beans 5-7 cm from the ground. Can be harvested by machine as it is on top.
  • This type of tree has many leaves and branches, and helps increase the amount of organic matter in the soil after leaf fall.
  • The gestation period of this breed is 105-110 days. Farmers in western Maharashtra and Marathwada have obtained a yield of 15-16 quintals per acre if water is given at the time of pod filling.
  • In short, this variety can be beneficial for farmers in areas with water facilities and rain till the end of September.

Mandvi Seeds

Mandvi Seeds

Mandvi Seeds

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