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Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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  • Nutriup is 100% organic product that mobilizes trapped nutrients in soil and make them available for plants for absorption. It is a consortia product that helps to promote growth.
  • Nutriup is an excellent mix of microbial extracts that help the soil regain its productivity by releasing trapped nutrients, promoting root growth and loosening the hardened soil (due to years of chemical use) – increasing the breathability for the roots. This helps plant develop faster and in a healthy way naturally increasing their immune response and ability to face climatic stress.


  • 3gm/Ltr


  • Spray on soil or soil drenching (by drip irrigation).


Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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