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Red Ball F1 Hybrid Beetroot Seeds

Farmson Biotech

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Product Specifications :-

  • FB‐RED BALL Round root shape with deep red color.
  • Blood red in Flesh color.
  • 110-150 Gm Root weight.
  • 61-65 Days of maturity, very smooth root surface,  uniform flesh without white rings, very sweet in taste.


Fruit Colour :

Deep Red

Fruit Shape:


Flesh color :

Blood Red

Root weight :

110-150 Gm

Root Surface :


Days To First Harvest:

61-65 days

Other :

uniform flesh without white rings, very sweet in taste.

Category :

Vegetable Seeds

Seed Rate:

10 Kg Per Hectare

Seed Count:

85 to 90 Seeds Per Gram


15 × 10 Cm

Farmson Biotech

Farmson Biotech Pvt Ltd

Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Gujrat - 393002

Farmson Biotech

Farmson Biotech

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