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Religro SML 668 Moong Seeds

Religro Hybrid Seeds


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Product Specifications:-

  • Grown in summer season as
  • pure crop.
  • Seeds and sowing: Seed rate Pure crop 20-25 kg/ ha .
  • Sowing: Plough the land 2-3 times thoroughly and remove weeds and stubbles.
  • Provide irrigation during summer season. The seeds may be sown broadcast or
  • with zero tillage machine/seed drill.

Manuring :

  • FYM 20 t ha-1(as basal) N 20 kg /ha P2O5 40kg /ha K2O 20 kg/ ha.
  • Full dose of N and the full quantity of P2O5 and K2O may be applied at the time of last ploughing.

Plant protection:

  • For weed control apply Oxyflurofen 23.5 EC @ 400 ml/ha at 2 to 3 DAS and
  • Quizalofop ethyal 5%EC @ 1 ltr/ha at 20 DAS .
  • For control of Bihar hairy caterpillar Apply carbaryl dust or chloropariphous
  • dust @ 0.15% suspension, if pests are observed in serious proportions.
  • For control of whitefly, aphids and hopper spray imidachlopid 17.8 SL @ 50ml
  • mixed with 200 ltr of water/acre
  • For pod borer spray SNPV @ 250 LE/ha
  • For control of Powdery mildew spray sulphur 5% DP @ 4g/litr of water or
  • propiconazole @ 1.5ml/litr . 6) For control of bacterial leaf spot spray
  • streptocycline@1gm/10lt water

Religro Hybrid Seeds

Religro Hybrid Seeds

Religro Hybrid Seeds

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