Utkarsh Beveroz-L (Beauveria bassiana 1 x 10^8 CFU/ml min.) (1 Liter) Bio Pesticides


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  • Beveroz- L is a biopesticide works as bio insecticide prepared by concept of Biotechnology.
  • Beveroz-L is made from the Beauveria bassiana, fungus which causes a disease known as the white muscadine in insects.
  • When spores of this fungus come in contact with susceptible insects, they germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body.
  • Here the fungus proliferates throughout the insect’s body, producing toxins and draining the insect of nutrients, eventually killing it.
  • Target crops:- Papaya, Sapota and Water Melons, Cotton, Ground nut, Tomato, Brinjal, Chili, Capsicum, Okra, Pea, Cowpea, French bean, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Ridge gourd, Sponge gourd, Cucumber, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mangos, Banana Fresh
  • TARGET INSECTS:- Mealy Bugs, American Bollworm & other larval pests, Grubs, Beetles, White fly, Jassids, Thrips, Mites, Termites etc.
  • COMPATIBILITY:- Compatible with all insecticides except chemical fungicides.
  • Application & Doses :
  • 1) Foliar Spray for Borer & cutworm: 3ml-7ml/litre water.2) Soil Application –for root grubs: 750 ml-1 litre/acre by drenching or can be mixed with 250 kg of organic   fertilizer or field soil and can be applied uniformly.3) Drip System: 750 ml-1 litre/acre by drip irrigation.



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