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Anfolite Zeolite Water and Soil Probiotics,Aquaculture Feed Supplements

Anfotal Nutritions

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Product Specifications:-

  • Brand - Anfotal Nutrition
  • Product Form - Powder
  • Target Species - Fish and Shrimp

Features -

  •  It Provides Convenient and Effective Absorption of Toxic Contents and Gases to Make the Habitat Clean and Healthy for Aquatic Life.
  •  Unique Blend Purifies the Water and Improves the Dissolved Oxygen Content. Optimum Cation Exchange Exchanges Ammonia and Other Poisonous Gases in Water Improves Soil and Water Quality Helps to Prevent the Occurrence of Disease Probiotic supplementation: Controls and Prevents Bacterial Pathogens In the Gut and Water
  •  Effectively Reduces Ammonia, Nitrogen From Waste Water. Stabilizes the Oxygen Levels and Improves the Quality of Water. Enables to Promote Growth, Survivability and Ensures Higher Profits.
  • Aquaculture, Fish Farming, Shrimps, Pond, Water & Soil Probiotics, Aqua Probiotics,Pond Health, Ammoina Nitrate Binder, zeolite fish medicine, Valueman Organic, Zeovalue.

Anfotal Nutritions

Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Anfotal Nutritions

Anfotal Nutritions

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