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Anfotal Nutritions

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Product Specifications:-

  • Brand - Anfotal Nutrition
  • Product Form - Pellets
  • Target Species - Fish

Features -

  • Composition - Vitamin-B1 , Vitamin-B6 , Vitamin-B12 A Perfect Blend of Feed Additive Having Adequate Quantites 
  • Probiotics - Lacto Bacillus Casei,Streptococcus Faecium , Lactobacillus Lactis ,Bacillus Lincheniformis, Saccharomyces Cervisiae Total Bacterial Count Per Kg -450 Billion C.F.U
  • Feed Enzymes - Amylase, Protease ,Cellulase ,Lipase , Pectinase , Phytase Total Enzyme Activity per kg-2.5 Lack IU
  • Benefits - Prevents and Controls Bacterial Pathogens in the Gut Increases Body Weights Prevents Loose Shell Disease Helps in Uninterrupted Growth Higher Survivals with Better Profits Helps in Periodical Moulting Process Maintains Optimum Health and Immunity Improves Efficiency of Digestive System Better Feed Consumption and Economical FCR
  • Application:- Mix Recommended Quantity of AquaProblac with Suitable Binder/Feed Attractant Preferably Cod Liver Oil and Apply to Feed. Dry it For 30 Minutes in Cool Shade and Give it to Shrimps/Prawns/Fishes

Anfotal Nutritions

Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Anfotal Nutritions

Anfotal Nutritions

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