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Double Growth Fungicide


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Product Description:-

Technical Name - Tebuconazole 10 % + Sulphur 65 % WG

  • Double Growth contains Tebuconazole 10 % + Sulphur 65 % WG which is a modern, quick action fungicide with Protective, Creative and Eradicative action.
  • Double Growth is widely used for the control of powdery mildew , fruit rot diseases of Chilli and leaf spot , pod blight disease of Soybean 
  • Widely used in Crops  like Cucurbits, Maize, Dry Beans. Garlic, Grapes, Mango Mustard, Peach, Pear, Oats, Okra, Onion, Pea, Rice, Soybean, Tomato, Sugarcane, Sugar beet, Tea, Wheat, Rose etc,
  • Double Growth fungicide is an efficient and cost-effective solution for controlling fungal diseases and application resulting in a Phyto-tonic Effect in crops which leads to better yield and quality of the produce. 
  • It is a broad-spectrum fungicide which controls various fungal diseases like  Root rot , Scorching and Fruit rot and brings greenery in the crop.

Mode of Action:

  • Double Growth is a Triple Action Fungicide with Contact, Systemic & Vapor Action. Tebuconazole works as steroid demethylation (ergosterol biosynthesis) inhibitor. It is rapidly absorbed into the vegetative parts of the plant, with translocation principally acropetally. 
  • Sulphur is a non-systemic protective fungicide with contact and vapour action, shows secondary acaricidal activity

Dosage - 

  • Chilli  - 500 gm per Acre
  • Soybean - 500 gm per Acre

Note: The frequency of application of Double Growth depends upon the severity of diseases.


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