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Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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Product Specification:-

  • Proban is 100% organic product that controls sucking pests like aphids, jassids, white fly, leafhopper etc and prevents them from settling on plants.
  • Proban is a consortium of microbes & their metabolites alongwith herbal extracts, that have dual effect of anti feedant and control action. This product prevents sucking of sap from plants and controls the newer generation of such sucking pests.


  •  2-3 ml/Ltr. Repeat application minimum 2 times in gap of 7-8 days. Repeat till problem persists (maybe required in case of heavy infestation).

Method of Application:-

  •  Foliar spray – covering upper and ground facing surfaces. It is strongly suggested to add spreader/sticker so that product doesn’t roll off with water droplets. Take fine spray.


Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

Urvara Group Bio Science Pvt.Ltd

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