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Tynzer Herbicide (Topramezone 33.6 % SC)


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Product Specification:-

  • Tynzer herbicide is a post emergence Selective herbicide for corn, offering broad spectrum with complete crop safety. It is a selective herbicide belongs to the phenyl pyrazolyl ketone family of herbicides. It works by inhibiting the enzyme (4-hydroxy pyruvate dioxygenase), resulting bleaching of foliage, cessation of growth and ultimately death of weeds.

Features - 

  • Effective control on Narrow and broadleaf weeds.
  • Healthy crop with high productivity.

Usage - 

  • Tynzer should be applied when Narrow leaf weeds are at 2to3 inch height and Broad leaf weeds at 2 to 3 leaf stage. Make sure there is good moisture in soil at time of application and no rainfall is predicted in next 2 to 3hrs
  • For application in 1 acre, prepare a stock solution of 30ml TynzerTM and 500g Flux in 9.5 Lit clean water, add 1 lit of this stock solution in 16 lit capacity Knapsack spray pump tank and add 30 ml Outright directly in to tank. For 1 acre use 10 spray pump.

Dosage - 30 to 40ml/acre + MSO adjuvant @2ml of water




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